About Cindy Ratzlaff

“You are the brand. Everything you create is an extension of the brand of you. Let’s create a brand new, brand YOU.” – Cindy Ratzlaff

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You can harness the power of the social web to create massive visibility for your book, brand or project.

Cindy is a passionate brand evangelist, keynote speaker and marketing strategist who creates award winning marketing campaigns for publishers, authors, entrepreneurs and businesses. She developed the campaigns behind more than 200 New York Times bestselling books. Cindy has appeared on national television programs such as ABC-TV’s Good Morning America, and NBC-TV’s The Today Show, and her essays on marketing and on happiness have been featured on Oprah.com, CNN.com, and Business Insider among others.

Every post, tweet, update, image or blog is part of your online footprint – important digital breadcrumbs leading back to the brand of you.

Cindy Ratzlaff, President, Brand New Brand You Inc.