15 Simple Mostly Free Facebook Marketing Tips to Try Today

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Cindy Ratzlaff, president of Brand New Brand You, says Facebook marketing need not be expensive and shares 15 free or low cost tools, tips, techniques and strategies to help small businesses with their Facebook branding. CONTINUE READING



8 Ways to Get Your Posts Seen in the Facebook News Stream

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All of your hard work, planning and creative energy is just busy work if no one sees your posts. If you, like so many others, are watching your Facebook reach plummet, try these 8 strategies from my Maximum Visibility Playbook. These are just a few easy to imp... CONTINUE READING



Write Non-Fiction Books as a Marketing Tool

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Publishing veteran and bestselling author, Cindy Ratzlaff talks about the personal branding potential in writing books. CONTINUE READING



Win 3 Business Books for Entrepreneurs

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UPDATE: January 11, 2014 – We have a winner! Congratulations to author,  Nancy Geha.  Thank you to everyone for entering and we’ll do this again soon. Build Your Resource Library Time to build your library of resources. There are many terrific b... CONTINUE READING



Add Quote Images to Instagram with InstaQuote

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Quote yourself or others, add a background, press a button and update to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in one quick and elegant step. CONTINUE READING



Market Like a Pro with Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook

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Even if you'd been living in a cave and didn't know anything at all about social media, Gary Vaynerchuk's newest book, Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook could make you look like a marketing pro. CONTINUE READING



Win Business Books to Build Your Brand Library

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I'm giving away a copy of some of my favorite business books to those of you who leave a comment letting me know exactly what's frustrating you, stumping you or just plain giving you grief as you try to use social media to market your book, brand or product. C... CONTINUE READING



3 Ways to Drive Social Sales

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Personalize, ask and reward are the 3 keys to social sales. Turning fans and followers into customers and clients can be as simple as rewarding people for their loyalty. These three paths to driving social sales can increase social conversion. CONTINUE READING



4 Ways to Jack Up Your Customer Experience Marketing

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Turning fans into customers means creating a customized experience for them as they leave their favorite social sites. They expect to be rewarding for taking action beyond just seeing your updates. CONTINUE READING



Cindy Ratzlaff to Speak at Pennsylvania Conference for Women

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Hillary Rodham Clinton, Cindy Ratzlaff, Tory Johnson, Judge Judy Hachett, Madeleine Albright and more than 100 other women will speak at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women on November 1, 2013. CONTINUE READING