To Boost or Not to Boost a Facebook Post

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To boost or not to boost? That is the question Facebook page owners ask me when they’re struggling with decreased reach and no engagement. Is it better to boost a particular post, or to promote the Page for Likes? The answer, as in every marketing questi... CONTINUE READING



Platforms and Personal Branding for Authors

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Simple, beginner steps for creating a personal brand and brand platform for authors, along with questions every author should ask themselves as they begin to market their book. CONTINUE READING



How To Create A Marketing Calendar | Business Strategy

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A well developed marketing calendar saves time, money and frustration in your marketing efforts and provides a blueprint for successful execution. CONTINUE READING



How to Market with A Facebook Personal Profile

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While I think every author, brand or entrepreneur needs a Facebook business page, there is still a great deal you can do, right now, to optimize your personal profile to increase your personal brand visibility – and use Facebook more efficiently for your... CONTINUE READING



5 Promotional Hot Spots Every Facebook Business Page Can Use

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With more than one billion people logging onto Facebook every month, entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore the marketing implications.  Custom designed apps serve as mini web pages on a site with more traffic than most websites will ever hope to have. The la... CONTINUE READING



How to Create Your Digital Footprint

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Creating Your Digital Footprint When someone Google’s your name, whether during a job search or when considering working with you in any capacity, you want to feel confident that what they find will represent you in the most positive way. For most busine... CONTINUE READING



10 Social Profiles Every Author Needs

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Social Media can introduce your book to new readers, extend the promotional cycle of your book beyond the traditional 6-week launch period and re-energize your back list - or social can be an enormous time waster. Here's 9 social sites to help authors create t... CONTINUE READING



The New Rules of Facebook Marketing

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When Facebook changed the news feed algorithm to suppress reach, business pages thought the sky was falling. It is not. CONTINUE READING



8 Tips to Get More Organic Reach on Facebook

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You’re not imagining things. Facebook reach for business pages has decreased dramatically and Facebook isn’t denying it at all. In fact, they’ve been transparent about the need to deliver a profit for their shareholders and the new reality t... CONTINUE READING



Brand Building Strategies | Identify Your Social Media Goals

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Brand marketing strategies can only be created after the brand has identified their social media goals. CONTINUE READING